At Top Executive Scout we pride ourselves on matching a customers needs with the abilities and aspirations of candidates.

This requires a thorough and proactive approach to every part of the process and it is our ability to respond to the specific requirements of our customers that sets us apart.

• Fast and efficient filling of your vacant position
• Filling the vacant position with the “right” candidate
• Relief for your own HR-Department
• Availability of Interim Managers and Specialists on short notice
• High management experience of our consultants
• Highly professional and efficient approach of our consultants
• Wide range of HR expertise from only one hand

All that with only one goal:
Your business success!

Executive search is undoubtedly the most successful way of filling management positions with qualified candidates.

We start by meeting with our clients to thoroughly discuss the mandate. We then produce a detailed profile of requirements witch we discuss with our clients.

- What is the position that needs to be filled?
- What are the company's objectives?
- How is the company positioned in the market?
- What are the demands on the future manager?
- What soft skills are important on the side of the candidate to fill the vacant position “right”?

On this basis we identify potential candidates and make direct contact with them to assess their suitability and their interest in the position.

Only when we are personally satisfied that a candidate's competence, experience and personality are right for the  job do we present the candidate to our client. From a short list of names presented, the client can then select the best-qualified candidate and bring them onboard.

We support this selection process until the point of contract conclusion. Furthermore, our intensive follow-up ensures that the expectations of both sides are permanently met.


Interim management is the temporary provision of management resources and skills. Interim Management can be seen as the short-term assignment of a proven heavyweight interim executive Manager or Specialist to manage a period of transition, crisis or change within an organization. These Managers and Specialists have proven their ability in various positions and markets.

An Interim Manager is the right partner and the right choice for fast and lasting problem solutions. As an external Manager he is, other than the classic Management Consultant, able to act independent and only oriented towards the task or project and is therefore able to implement new ideas.

The assignment of an Interim Manager is the right choice:

- Changing markets
- Change of strategy and company structure
- Cost-cutting
- Turn-around of a company in crises
- Take-over
- Change of Management
- Set up of Joint Ventures
- Short term need of additional Management or Specialist staff
- Start of a new project
- Difficulties to roll-out projects

Our own pool of hand selected, highly qualified and experienced Interim Managers and Specialists is rapidly growing.

When choosing these Managers and Specialists we not only look for skills like market and product knowledge, but also for the personality and the soft skills, because these skills may decide the success of a project.

Every Interim Management provider is only as good as the Managers he is able to provide!


A management audit is a key success factor in the thorough preparation of personnel decisions, such as those connected with
• Succession planning and re-staffing management positions,
• Strategic re-orientation,
• Corporate take-overs,
• Merger and turn-around cases,
• Privatization.

Guaranteeing high-quality audit tools, highly plausible findings, as well as professional execution and fairness to all involved is of key importance to us. We consistently adapt each management audit to our client's individual competence model and incorporate internal and external findings. The results of the audit thus provide a strong basis for the business decisions that need to be made.

Once the necessary decisions have been made upon completion of the audit, we support our clients in the process of giving feedback to the managers concerned. We also ensure that the audit has a long-lasting impact: one year later, we jointly review with our client the success of the actions and personnel decisions taken and initiate any additional action that may be necessary.


Companies succeed by having new ideas and the ability to realize them. Finding competent and motivated employees and the ability to set free their whole potential is a key factor for successful companies today.

The set up of qualifying programs, training procedures and change management projects follows our philosophy that they have to meet the concrete situation of the company of our costumer to be lasting and successful.

We qualify and train our costumers and their employees on the basis of the actual situation and the goals of the company. We strongly believe that human resources development has to follow this approach to be successful and lasting and not for its own sake.

You can expect the following:
• conception and implementation of qualifying programs for senior management, qualified employees and junior staff set up for the concrete situation your company faces
• Conception of target oriented training programs with the highest possible practical component
• Recruiting and qualification of company in-house coaches
• Conception and implementation of train-the trainer programs
• A wide pool of highly qualified and experienced coaches and consultants witch all follow the philosophy that human resources development has to follow and has to be directly linked to the company goals

Before we start setting up programs of any kind we intensely talk to our clients and their employees to get the best possible picture of the actual company situation and the concrete development needs. By doing so we ensure that the qualifying programs are fitted closely with the company needs and help to push the business of our costumers.

Our seminars and programs are custom made for the individual needs for the situation and the business of our costumers. In a close partnership with our costumers we adept the programs and trainings to possible new situations the company may face.